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There has always been a controversy regarding whether uncircumcised penis is better than a circumcised penis. In fact, the first Christian Church Council in Jerusalem (circa 50 AD) declared that circumcision was not required for gentile converts. At about the same time, Judaism made circumcision even stricter for its followers. Although circumcision is not a requirement for Christians, it was never prohibited. On the other hand, a Jewish boy is circumcised on the eight day and uncircumcised boys are technically ostracized. For Jews it is such a strict ritual that the body of an uncircumcised male will sometimes be circumcised before allowing burial according to religious rites. There are various theories regarding the origin of circumcision. Many believe that it was considered as a religious sacrifice. It may also have been a ritual on entrance into adulthood or part of shamanism to ensure virility or a means of suppressing sexual desire or improving man’s attractiveness to women. Another theory is that since regular bathing was not practical in some areas it was supposed to be a means for improving personal hygiene. It is also theorized that since circumcision lowered sexual arousal in pubescent males, it gave a competitive advantage to tribes.

All said and done, modern science now believes that male uncircumcised penis is better because the surgical procedure of Circumcision carries physiological and psychological risks. Besides the trauma of circumcision on children, it is also argued that it sends wrong signals to the brain and negatively affects the infant’s maternal bond with the mother.

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There is no credible evidence to support the belief that circumcision affects sexual sensation or satisfaction. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that penile sensation and sexual satisfaction actually decreases in circumcised men. Since the matter has religious implications the debate between circumcised and uncircumcised penises is not expected to end soon.

When you look at an uncircumcised penis picture you see that the foreskin is not removed. The care for penis that is uncircumcised involves ordinary hygiene rules. The foreskin is not ready to be retracted till after a certain age. It is important not to retract it fully till the time it is ready to be retracted.

Uncircumcised penis pictures and pictures showing the surgical procedure of circumcision are the right way to decide whether you want circumcision for your son or not. These pictures also provide helpful information regarding cleaning and genital hygiene. As a parent you should teach your child about foreskin retraction and cleanliness of his genitals and penis in particular.

There is lot of things about circumcision that are not fully known to parents. Whatever information is available is either biased or confusing. You may want to consult your doctor or tap authentic sources for taking an unbiased decision after considering the pluses and minuses. The benefits of circumcision are disputed and uncircumcised penis is what men are born with.

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